Things to Share

whole button mushrooms breaded and fried, 6.49

cheddar cheese nuggets breaded and fried, 6.49

Onion Rings
lots of tears go into making these breaded rings, 5.99

tender chicken gizzards, lightly breaded and fried golden crisp, 7.99 (1/2 order 6.49)

Soup & Salad

dressings: ranch, french, thousand island, bleu cheese, creamy italian, honey mustard


our own homemade chili is available every day

Soup of the Day

ask your server for today’s feature (seasonal)

Chef’s Salad

a bed of greens topped with your choice of ham, grilled chicken, roast beef or chicken strip with eggs, tomatoes and cheddar cheese

Chicken Fajita Salad

tortilla shell filled with lettuce, fajita chicken, tomatoes, black olives, cheese, sour cream, salsa

Taco Salad

Tortilla shell filled with lettuce, taco meat, tomatoes, black olive, cheese, sour cream, salsa

High Noon Specials: Monday – Friday
Ask your server for the Special of the Day!


Served with french fries (unless otherwise noted).

Chicken Stripswhite chicken breast strips breaded and fried, 8.99
Shrimppopcorn shrimp served with cocktail sauce, 8.99
Chickentwo pieces of chicken broasted and served to a golden brown, 9.99
Fish & Chipsbattered Alaskan pollock served with cottage fries and tartar sauce, 9.99

Hot Beef

sliced, tender roast beef on white bread, served with mashed potatoes and smothered with brown gravy
half order: 9.49, full order: 10.49


Add french fries for 3.49. Add cheese to any sandwich for .50, and/or bacon for 1.00.

Hamburgerour large, third lb beef patty on a grilled bun, 4.99 (small burger 3.49)
Chili Burgergrilled beef patty topped with our homemade chili and shredded cheese, 7.99
BLTcrisp bacon, lettuce and tomato on toasted wheat bread, 4.99
Chopped Steakjuicy hamburger steak grilled just the way you like it, 6.99
Large Double Burgertwo large, third lb beef patties on a grilled bun, 8.79 (small double burger 5.79)
Roast Beefhot, sliced roast beef on a grilled bun, 6.49
Hot Dog1/4 lb. hot dog on a grilled bun, 4.39
Fishfried cod fillet with tartar sauce on a hoagie bun, 6.49
Chili Dog1/4 lb. hot dog with homemade chili and shredded cheese, 7.49
Chickenfresh, grilled breast of chicken, 5.99
Grilled Cheeselots of American cheese on grilled bread, 3.39
Ham & Cheesegrilled, shaved ham and cheese on a grilled bun, 5.49
Philadelphia Steaksliced beef with green peppers, onions and American cheese on a grilled hoagie bun, 6.49
Grilled Loina hand-cut and grilled pork loin, 5.49
The Rudy Melta chicken fried steak with sauteed onions, Swiss and American cheese served on grilled Texas toast, 6.99
Patty Meltone third pound beef patty, grilled onions, Swiss and American cheese on grilled Texas toast or grilled rye bread, 6.99

Homemade Breaded Loin

lightly breaded and deep fried

Broasted Chicken to Go:

Small Pack

12 pcs chicken
1 pint cole slaw
family size fries
4 rolls & jelly

Family Pack

16 pcs chicken
1 quart cole slaw
family size fries
6 rolls & jelly

Picnic Pack

20 pcs chicken
1 quart cole slaw
2 family size fries
8 rolls & jelly

Broasted Chicken A la Carte:

leg 3.29, thigh 3.69, wing 2.69, breast 3.89

2 pieces, 6.29
4 pieces, 6.29
6 pieces, 11.59
8 pieces, 15.59
10 pieces, 18.99

12 pieces, 21.79
14 pieces, 24.99
16 pieces, 28.39
18 pieces, 30.99
20 pieces, 33.99


The following are served with your choice of two sides.

Sirlointen ounce sirloin grilled to perfection, 16.99 (six ounce jr sirloin, 13.99)
Sizzlerhand breaded round steak fried golden brown, 13.99 (jr sizzler, 10.99)
Pork Chopboneless chop grilled to perfection, 11.99
Roast Beeftender and juicy, sliced roast beef, 9.99
Broasted Chickenlightly breaded and broasted golden brown, 2 pieces 10.49, 4 pieces 11.49
Chopped SteakRudy’s juicy hamburger steak grilled to perfection, 9.99
Chicken Stripswhite, breaded chicken breast strips deep-fried golden, 10.49
Shrimpfantail shrimp breaded and fried, served with cocktail sauce, 11.49
Fisha combination of breaded cod and battered Alaskan pollock, with tartar sauce, 10.99


Cottage Cheese
Cole Slaw
Tossed Salad

Mac N’ Cheese
Green Beans

French Fries
Mashed Taters w/Gravy
Cottage Fries
Baked Potato


Pies: Ask your server about today’s flavor!
3.99 (ala mode, 4.99)

Ice Cream: soft serve ice cream in a dish or cone, 2.99
Sundae: top it with the flavor of your choice, 4.49 (add nuts, .50)
Shakes: perfect choice with any meal, 4.49
Floats: with vanilla ice cream and root beer, 3.99

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